The Hello Kitty Post + How I spent $100 in less than 30 minutes

Thursday, January 05, 2012

As the title suggests, this post is gonna be (almost) entirely about Hello Kitty!  
I go crazy whenever I see this adorable cat!

The fact that I recently got my card has led to an increase in my income, and thus my purchasing power, which will inevitably lead to an increase in consumption. Oh my goodness why am I using economic terms ==

My dad bought me a purple HK thumb drive which was so cute! 
And he bought it only because its buy 2 get 1 free hahaha 嗨哟真是的!
The design's really cool, to prevent people from losing the "body" while using the thumbdrive,
they actually have this white rubber thing for you to attach to the body!


Few days ago, I saw this REALLY REALLY REALLY CUTE HELLO KITTY BLING BLING thumbdrive online and soooooooooo, I bought it hahaha!
Its seriously worth it because they're having $7 discount, and plus I used my $3 discount coupon,
so the final amount is only $22.90 with $1 shipping fee. 
AND, its Hello Kitty, which products are usually very expensive!
I initially thought it was just a thumbdrive, but to my amazement its actually a necklace as well! 
I bet you'll think its just an ordinary necklace when you see this!

Will you know that the bow is detachable?


Headless kitty. Okay just being random -.-

Tada! 2 HK thumbdrives and adding! =p

Bought some cute ear studs when I went shopping with minyee that day :) 
 Bought this kitty ring online! SO CUTE OMG CAN'T STAND IT.

Talking about buying things on impulse, I kinda regret buying these in UK haha! 
Although I'm a HK fan, these key chains cost S$5 each ley T.T 
They didn't seem that ex at that time because what I saw on the price tag was $2.50, in pounds, that is -.-
But.... they're still cute. Haha!

Got this from gachapon! Even the capsule is Hello Kitty! :D

I have no idea why I bought this...

I was rummaging through my wardrobe when I found these!!!!! 寻到宝 haha!
Went to Kitty Lab with Farren back then in 2009 when we were sec 3!
I think I can make a good Karung guni, even receipt also can keep for 3 years -.-
Actually for our age, we were supposed to take the adult price ($30), but I guess we looked young...

Child ticket =p

Got this card at the end of the journey :D

The map is still with me! But its so crumpled ><

Bought this in UK as well, as if I'll use it -.- Why am I such a spendthrift? T.T

 But, when I look at HK's face I'll be like "Omg I'm gonna buy you!"

Hmmm by now you must be wondering wheres the part about: "How I spent $100 in less than 30 minutes"!
Here's the story: I went all the way to school for 15 minutes (haha!) for a briefing and before heading home I thought I would shop for awhile.. 
I really shopped for awhile only, less than 30 minutes, but within this 30 minutes I spent $100+ ==
Ever since I got my card I have been spending money like I own a bank omg 怎么办!

Bought all these at one go!! My Malaysian cousin has them and when I tried it the quality was quite good! When she said she bought these at RM10++ I was like omg!!!! Cuz Skin Food is supposed to be very ex de! So I swear I'll buy them when I come back to SG. So, almost $40 fly away...

Another $50 to skincare products in Etude House, and $22 to some socks. Yeah hahahaha!

So this is how I spent $100 in 30 minutes T.T
Printed the "business cards" to distribute during flea. MUST SUPPORT OKAY! 

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