NYJC CNYcelebration + Shuyi's belated birthday

Friday, January 20, 2012

Celebrated cny in school today!
Today was "Be yourself day" as well, where we were supposed to wear our home clothes to school.
School uniform was strictly prohibited and they even threatened to bar us from entering the school if we came in that!!!
I don't wanna go to school without uniform! It feels so weird ==
Its funny how some of us complain that we have to wear school uniform for 2 more years while poly students can wear home clothes now, and when we're given the chance to wear home clothes we don't want to do it =p

I stopped taking pics after the lion dance performance because gouyue's camera is much better!

Went to sort of celebrate shuyi's birthday after that, although it was just eating lunch and walking around etc!

Super cute doggies :D They were playing with each other even though they were separated by the glass panel!

Hello Kitty figurine from Happy Meal! <3333333333

THE END. Sorry not free to type a lot of stuff =p The shortest post in the whole universe ==
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