Post-NYJC open house

Monday, January 16, 2012

SEC 4 GRADUATES! Did you guys come for NYJC open house on 10jan2012?

If yes, I'm sure you had a great time with the free photo service, candy floss, buffet and awesome performances :D

 See the queue!!! This is not all, I think it extended all the way to the guardhouse...

 WHY MUST THEY BUILD THE CONDO THERE! Block everything from our view T.T

 Students checking out the goodie bags

 Hmm whos that person in traditional Japanese clothing???

 She is none other than...

 ANGELA!!!!!!!!!!! President of J-fire! :D

 So cool!! I oso wanna wear! Hehe =p Evonne and Jieyi wore them too!

 Busy counter attending to sec 4 graduates

Anyway, NYJC has been a popular choice again this year!
According to Mr Kwek (our cute principal!) on the 2nd last day before submission deadline,
a total of 7000+ students put NYJC as one of their 12 choices!

Mr Kwek's so funny lo, he said he would check the data every single night before sleeping and every morning when he wake up, hahahaha! =p

Out of these 7000+ students,
1200+ (that is way beyond what we can take in) students put NYJC as their FIRST CHOICE,
and 3000+ in their TOP 3 CHOICES.

Great competition ley, I hereby wish all of you good luck!
If you get into NYJC must shout "HURRAY 我中头奖了!!!" LOL.

BYE!!! :D

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