Exams & the musical

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Exams officially started as of last Saturday! YES SATURDAY. We literature students are so unlucky to have our exam on a weekend :( and the worse thing was i had to rush to nyp straight after the exam for NCHS musical! A whole day of rushing haha!

So anyway, the musical was awesome! Im glad to be part of this musical and i must say it was a great experience, performing on stage once again after so long and letting others hear my voice. I realise i have become
more and more confident after performances & performances!

My memory of performing started ever since i joined band. Of course i took part in those kiddish performances (like wearing a cat costume and jumping around) when i was young, but they aren't fresh in my mind so i negate them okay haha!

When i joined band in secondary 1, somehow i ended up in CO instead and took part in SYF with them before returning to band after that. I remember how angry i was when i was posted into CO because i really wanted to join band haha!! But now thinking of it, it was really a blessing in disguise, and i have never regretted being in CO for that short 4 months!

After i returned to band, performing became occasional - CNY, Christmas, Teachers Day, National Day, Public performance, Sengkang Recreational Centre opening ceremony, and of course SYF, etc etc! Really enjoyed those performances, i have that 'weeeeeee' feeling when I'm on stage hahaha!

But nothing can beat singing on stage hehehe. Im so glad i've overcome a lot of stage fright since my first performance till the musical last saturday.


Its just so cool; i used to tremble like idk what when i'm on stage and my voice would quiver so much that people will think I'm feeling cold.

And i used to fear the mike and the sound from it because it just sounds so different from what i usually hear. The issue about Science...

I remember singing sooooooooo soflty during the audition for NC superstar in sec 1, and the worse thing was that the music had the original singer's sound, so the judges couldn't hear me AT ALL.

Now i can shout into the mike like i own the world and make you deaf muhahahaha!

Wahhh 感触良多。

Although to some ppl, my voice is sometimes quite soft, i really really improved a lot alrd okay i used to be much worse in the past!!!!!

WAIT. I thought i was supposed to talk about the musical...


Okay so the musical was great, i didn't go off-pitch (i hope?) and the harmonising part with sylvester went smoothly too!

The lunch wasn't quite enough because there was only 1 piece of fried fish but dinner had a lot more, like vegetables, meat and something else which i forgot and i love it :) NCHS loves us a lot and feeds our stomach well! <3 data-blogger-escaped-about="" data-blogger-escaped-am="" data-blogger-escaped-br="" data-blogger-escaped-ehh="" data-blogger-escaped-food="" data-blogger-escaped-hehe="" data-blogger-escaped-i="" data-blogger-escaped-reviewing="" data-blogger-escaped-the="" data-blogger-escaped-why="">
I had symptoms of flu on the day of the musical and it was so scary!!! Luckily my fly only became worse at night, i wonder if anybody noticed the nasal voice?

Having MYE now, i already flunk my math paper 1, didn't study at all during june hols, 1st time being so not hardworking :( i better score better for paper 2 >< feel so guilty T.T and for international history paper just now, i did something really crazy. I had given up global economy and studied conflict & cooperation instead, but just now i actually did the essay for global economy == 因为毫无选择才出此下策!I really forgot everything about religious fundamentalism so i decided to take the risk and attempt the qn on global economy with memories from a million years ago. Wrote a total of 18 pages in that 3 hours with my hand nearly breaking and I'm not sure how many pages were nonsense...

I wonder how many marks i'll get for that question? 请拭目以待!

Till then!

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