Simple pleasures in life

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yeah i'm very happy now because the flats opposite my house are currently bring painted PINK!!!!! My fav colour you see, and the fav shade somemore!

The flats were initially being painted orange, and i even thought to myself how wonderful it would be if they could paint it pink! And alas, my dream came true! Saw them painting some white sides pink the other day, and painting over the orange sides (which was the new colour initially) today.

Guess they must have painted wrongly or something. If thats the case, then i feel so bad for the workers and the painting company because they're wasting precious resources and time!

Imagine you spending so much time painting a 15 storey (or more?) building, having to withstand the heat and fear of the height, finally finishing your job, and the next minute you're told:

'Oh we made a mistake about the colour, go paint the correct one again!'

My goodness if i'm the painter i'll be like '.................' and quit my job immediately!

Actually i was thinking, what if the painters suddenly have stomachache or something when they're right at the top of the building uh?
They'll be stuck there and stuff like that.
And even if they can make it down eventually i think the worker would be like 'gosh i'm gonna faint' o.o

And what if they lose grip of their paintbrushes, which by the way is very long, and let them drop down the building, and at this moment someone walks past?!?!! Oh gosh can you imagine the consequences?! Scary.

Hmm cant believe i'm feeling happy over such a trivial matter like having flats being painted in my fav colour, but hey, imagine looking out of the window everyday and seeing something pleasing to your eye, wouldn't that brighten up your day to some extent?

Another thing i'm happy about is the wonderful QQ bean curd below my house! It's just so amazing and delicious that i eat it almost everyday. And theres nothing to be afraid about because bean curd is healthy!

Although lao ban is said to be the best bean curd in Singapore, and i would love to try it someday, i'm perfectly fine settling with QQ for now because ITS DELICIOUS ENOUGH AND THE STALL IS JUST DOWNSTAIRS!!!
Lazy girl! I value convenience A LOT, that was why i went to nyjc hehe!

Oh yes, the last thing. I have been feeling puzzled for the past few days because apparently i lost 2kg despite not exercising for 2 weeks!!! This is weird, maybe my muscles has become smaller? Or is it the bean curd? Or is my weighing scale faulty? Okay i hope its not that == but anyway i hope i can continue to lose more weight, let me lose 5kg more pretty please?? :)

It's good to derive happiness from simple things in life :)

P.S My new song cover which is not that nice is up on youtube. 因为我是即兴演出嘛!不好意思咯。
Check out my youtube channel (click on the big youtube icon on the left)! I'll be posting more covers in the near future :)

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