Sunday, July 01, 2012

This post is so so so so belated!

I went to RWS in April but its July now already hehehe. But i felt that im obliged to blog about the wonderful stuff in RWS!!! So here we go! :)

Several weekends ago, to celebrate my parents' wedding anniversary, we went to Resorts World Sentosa for a night's stay!

Note: This post will be FULL OF PICTURES. Hurray!!!! :D

Arrived at the basement carpark of Equarius Hotel

The carpark was so isolated and quiet, it was almost empty because the hotel is new with not much visitors. Also one of the reasons why my dad chose this hotel; there was a discount package (muhahahaha) =p
Fake scenery. Haha!

So jidong?
We were warmly received when we reached the hotel! Good service :)

When we tried to check we were told that our rooms were not ready yet, so we decided to go for a walk and have lunch first. 

The restaurant that we were going to have dinner at that night.
Sneak peek!

My dad trying to act cool with the sunglasses!!!

The crowded tram!

Bus tour around sentosa, one time is enough for Singaporeans hahaha!

Cute signboard directing us to the Maritime Experiential Museum!

Playing with the interactive points inside the museum.

Posing with the fake camel!

Hehehe but I really sat and rode on a REAL camel before in Australia!
It didn't look scary when I saw the camel from afar, but once I got closer to it, I realised how BIG and TALL the camel was.
I already had difficulties getting ontop the camel because it was so tall!!!
It was a young camel (I was just primary 2 then i guess?) somemore, in order to fit my petite size (used to be, not now, sadly) -.-
 After painstakingly getting ontop of it, it stood up and scared the wits out of me because it was so bumpy and could easily fling me into the air if not for the experienced trainers beside me :)
But the ride was so fun!!! Would love to try it again :)

Exploring the place...

Went to the souvenir shop after that!

They sell cool stuff at the museum! Haix it has been soooooo long since I last ate crabs T.T

They sell lots of tea too, but quite pricey though =p
Bought a bottle in the end, which is now in the store room, after I figured out I prefer mineral water bottles because they're lighter =p

If you see me in school you'll always see me with a tote bag.
And you start thinking I'm lazy and I'm a slacker or something.

You're wrongggggggggggg.

I take Arts subjects and they're content intensive and I always memorise stuff until my head threatens to burst. We have thick notes but lectures and tutorials require just few pieces of paper (that has a lot of words on it) because all the information's already printed and we're expected to write essays and essays!!!! Luckily all our lecture notes are not binded together :)

So I end up going to school with just a few pieces of paper.

But actually my bag's quite heavy sometimes, maybe its the econs textbook.

OKAY BACK TO RWS. Why have I gone off topic hahaha!

Oh yes, even the toilets there are themed.


Ordered 2 longs of xiao long bao. Yes it was pricey, but definitely worth it!!!

Closer look. You can even see the soup within!
First time eating xiaolongbao in my WHOLE LIFE!!!! So excited!
Look at the soup oozing out, mmmm. This happens when you're not careful haha!
So in the end I was so intoxicated by the xiaolongbao that I ate like almost 1 long on my own HAHAHAHA. Greedy girl.

蛋炒饭!Quite nice, but I didn't really want to eat too much because I wanted to save the space in my stomach for the dim sum =p
Nourishing dessert after the heavy meal! I ate too much xiaolongbao hahaha!

Checked in into our hotel rooms after the meal!
But before that we went to explore the toilet in the hotel first. Hehe.

There is a SOFA in the TOILET?!?!?! Simply... luxurious. I nearly wanted to sleep there, the sofa was so comfy.
Turn around and enjoy the greenery when you're doing your business. Hehe

You even find potted plants in EVERY SINGLE CUBICLE!
This is so beautiful omgz if only I have such thing in my house...

My dad became a "Ms"!!!
Awkward position while talking on the phone.

YOU CAN ACTUALLY LOOK INTO THE TOILET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perfect for couples hahaha! But...
Tada, the view into the toilet is gone! The binds can be pulled up and down with the press on the remote control!

Cable car, it has been over almost 2 years since I last sat in it! The last time was in Hong Kong after O's...

Cruise setting off... I wanna go to a cruise after A's!!!!

The thing I look out for every time I visit a hotel room is the... TOILET.
It contributes A LOT to my impression on the hotel. 
Thats why you see me going so crazy over that toilet earlier on.


As expected, we took all the toiletries we could take home. HAHAHA. There were even BATH SALTS. Omgz.

Went for dinner at Forest, the restaurant in our hotel.
Took a picture with Sam Leong and his wife!
First time experiencing fine dining too!

The ceiling is so beautifully designed!

Appetiser. I'm not sure what is it but basically it was made up of plum and mint and something else which made it a bit sour and SOOOOOO APPETISING that I was craving for the next dish already.

Fish! I took a long time to finish it because it was so valuable hahahahaha!
My gosh the favourite part of the meal. Dessert. It. Was. Just. So. Awesome. There were three different kinds of dessert on the dish, and every single one was heavenly.

It looks like goreng pisang but its actually DURIAN inside! Sooooooooo nice omgz. 外酥内软!

DARK CHOCOLATE DESSERT. Also 外酥内软, the outside was solid but inside its chocolate mousse!

Went for a walk after dinner.
Just looking at the picture I would really think its a regular food street.

They made it look so real!

Went to catch the 9.30pm musical show at Lake Of Dreams.
There were even REAL fire effects. Cool!

Went for supper after watching the show.

Preparing our dessert!

AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *gulps* Chocolate snow ice with gooey chocolate sauce and powder, accompanied by crunchy love-letters and chewy nata de coco.

Cookies & cream ice cream with rainbow stars.

The cookie within was so well-mixed and crunchy and chewy and heavenly and the waffle was so crisp and tastes so well together with the ice-cream....................

Went back to our hotel rooms after the dessert!
My stomach was seriously, stuffed with food and nothing else but food by the end of the day.
There was literally so many things in my stomach that I couldn't really walk properly.
Really, don't eat too much, even if the food's sumptuous.

Aiya actually I tell you this now but I will still eat a lot next time. HAHAHAHA.

Lazed around in our hotel rooms after the long day out.

Night view.

Snoozed on the bed and while my sister and Pearlie slept, I had my eyes glued on the TV until the wee hours of the night. Like maybe 3am or something. Just can't kick my habit of watching tv. Haha!

I remember watching 投名状 and crying like idk throughout, it was so sad!!! Watched korean shows too, including Immortal Song, Dream Team (in the evening) & some korean drama about trying to get the students into a university. Can't remember the name!!
Woke up next morning feeling groggy, TV's fault!!!
But a sumptuous breakfast was waiting for me...

Buffet breakfast at Forest again!
Portuguese egg tart!!! Though it can't beat the original in Macau, but I was still satisfied! The smoked salmon was great too! And this pastry, I forgot what its called, generous blueberry fillings within!

Scenery from the balcony!

Marine Life Park still in the making...

Parents' room just opposite!
Tada, haha!

Byebye sentosa :(
Really enjoyed the 2 days 1 night at sentosa, it was really a great comfort especially after I was faced with a really traumatising event the day before.

The short trip really did a lot in helping me get back on my feet again :)

Really greatful for everything in my life!

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