Post-A Levels

Friday, March 08, 2013

Oh yes it definitely is! So A levels resulted have been released and now everybody's busy going for uni open houses and submitting applications! 

I wasn't particularly happy with my results, in fact it practically blasted my hopes of getting into a particular course I really wanted due to an unexpected twist. But after much pondering and consideration, I'm pretty much sure of what alternative route I'll be gladly taking but who knows what happens in the end!

I've been spending these past 3 months or so relaxing,
watching dramas (think I watch more than 10 dramas already since last Dec),
posting youtube covers,
going for enrichment courses (do it while you have the time, must! No more chance when you enter uni and get busy again),
spending quality time with my loved ones,
splurging (sobs) on lots of things, etc etc.

How have you spent your holidays?

I'm actually quite looking forward to uni because I feel that this holidays is getting boring... Its such an irony that when we're still in school, we look forward to the holidays but when we finally get to have a really long holiday, we have the ludicrous urge to study.

Beats staying at home all day and wasting your life away, isn't it?

Anyway I did some experimenting with a chocolate cake mix I got from cold storage! Turned out okay, but not very very very delicious that kind. Nvm I'll try again next time.

The sad thing about loving baking but always screwing up. Sobs!

These are the ingredients I used! Nutella wasn't in the recipe but I felt that it would be a good complement to the muffins I wanted to bake!

Mix mix mix! The good thing about cake mix - perfect for lazy people ^^

I like silicon baking tools because its easy to get the food out of it! 
Put random stuff in the muffin cups.. 
1. Banana (quite nice!)
2. Marshmallow (major failure, my muffin became literally black)
3. Nutella (love this one)!

The end product! Yay!

How do they look?

Nutella filling the middle. Yummy!

What should I bake next??? Thinking of fruit tarts..

Tried to restring my guitar a few days back and the process was arduous. I have never done it before and I gotta tell you a scary fact that the strings on my guitar are probably more than 5 years old.

No I ain't kidding!!

My bro bought the guitar more than 7 years ago and I don't know when was the last time he changed the guitar strings. But I'm VERY sure that the strings are more than 5 years old because he didn't play the guitar after awhile and the guitar was left to rot in the bomb shelter a.k.a storeroom (don't laugh, I know you do that too).

All the strings were rusted and I was so naive (or stupid?) to think that the strings were brown originally. My goodness what is the matter with me?! But I wasn't stupid to the extent that I didn't know it was time to change the guitar strings la! So I invested $25 in a set of good quality guitar strings (it must be, its so expensive!!).

I didn't even know how to remove the string at the start omg hahahaha! But I did eventually, and after painstakingly doing that, I tried to put the first new string. It was a success. 

The 2nd string was also a success.

The 3rd string was also a success.

BUT WHEN I GOT TO THE 4TH STRING, I BROKE IT. I BROKE THE STRING!!! I was winding and winding thinking that the more stretched it was the better it would be (zzzzzz) and in the end, "snap!" and there goes the new string worth $4.20 T.T I had to put back the old string in the end. Urgh!

Anyway I went out with minyee yesterday!! Received my circle lenses and it wasn't what I wanted..
I bought brown circle lenses but when I wore it it was practically black ==

I expected a more obvious brown, like if I wanna have a change the bigger the change the better ma, thats my mindset haha!

But since I've bought it I'll just wear it! Cannot waste money right!

Alright till then!

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