High-Tea at Louvers Cafe

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Met up with Christina after soooooo long.. 
We haven't met each other for more than half a year I think? 
It was a great catchup session with us going for high tea + KTV afterwards!

Louvers Cafe @Link Hotel
50 Tiong Bahru Road Singapore 168733
More info: http://www.linkhotel.com.sg/dining

The high tea buffet was quite small scale, but nevertheless a good deal for it cost only $14.95 per pax after GST and everything. 
It was a Groupon deal btw (HAHA auntie mode on).
I'm a huge fan of Groupon; some deals over there are seriously a value for money!

I recently bought a Sentosa voucher for $36, which includes: 
- 2-way cable car ride
- Skyride and Luge
- Entry to butterfly park and insect kingdom + one pizza set meal + bird feeding

A typical 2-way cable car ride would have cost you $26 already, and I got this and other stuff at just $36! Happy happy!

The salad bar is a must-visit for me every time I go to a buffet. 
Its sorta an appetiser for me that prepares my eager stomach for everything that is to come ^^ 
I must admit though, that I like to put LOTS of salad dressing, which makes it kinda unhealthy ultimately =p

The mango pudding was my fav out of the 4 - I personally hoped there would be more variety =p

Yumyums, I should try making all of these for breakfast  :)

My favourite out of all dishes - smoked salmon bread
The combination of crunchy bread topped with  juicy smoked salmon made the texture really light and refreshing. No worries about the smoked salmon being too salty or heavy because the lettuce toned down the taste a bit :)

Looking forward to my next catch-up session with Christina, till then~


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