Korea Trip: Part I - The Food

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Annyeong-haseyo (which means "hello" in korean)!

Recently I went on a long-awaited trip to Korea with Farren, Pearlyn and Alicia! Korea has always been one of my dream countries to go to because of, erhem, the impact of the k-wave (suju shinee fx and many many more, and most importantly Donghae oppa its all because of you!).

I remember having zero knowledge about kpop when I was in secondary while others were already crazy about Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry". I even told my kpop-crazy friends "Sorry sorry sorry sorry, what are you sorry about" HAHAHAHAHA those were the days...

Little did I know that I'd be sucked into the world of kpop a few years later and become a fan of suju myself (by the way SS5SG was daebak!)...

For your information, I'm very slow in terms of following trends and knowing whats hot at the moment.

Pssh! Let me tell you a little secret.

I only knew of Maroon 5 in my first year of junior college, and that was because my classmates were talking about them. *facepalm* But don't worry, I've bucked up since and is always keeping track of the latest trends now :)

Anyway, my Korea travel diary will be divided into 4 parts - 
1. Food
2. Scenery
3. Entertainment
4. Shopping

To kickstart the travel diary, this post will feature the awesome food we enjoyed throughout our Korea trip!

Food Stop #1 - Airplane Food; Scoot

Food Stop #2 - Hotel Food
Incheon Airport Oceanside Hotel [ http://www.oceanside.co.kr/en/ ]

We found this hotel through tripadvisor and it was satisfactory given its cheap price! The sockets got me cracking my head though, the plugs just keep falling out even though we brought along international sockets >< In the end we had to secure the sockets using plasters. Talk about being innovative. Hehe!

Food Stop #3 - Guesthouse Food
Ann Guesthouse [ http://annguesthouse.co.kr ]

The guesthouse we stayed in kindly provided us with bread from Paris Baguette everyday!

Toast the bread, spread some butter and jam and you're done!

Food Stop #4 - Food in Shopping Malls

We went to a random shopping mall in Hongdae to settle our lunch and heres what we ordered!
Everything was just so good. Ahh my stomach is grumbling now ><

Food Stop #5 - Street Food

One of the highlights of the trip was that we met some really friendly and enthusiastic locals! We were kinda lost while coming down from Bukhansan National Park and a middle aged couple offered to accompany us down :) They even treated us to dinner after that!

This deep fried potato dish is really nice! Its crispy on the outside but sort of soft and chewy on the inside. It sorta tastes like hash brown but even more chewy. I can't forget the taste of it... *slurps*


Heres another local restaurant we went to! 
The appetisers

Theres a KFC advertisement on their coca cola! In Korea, you can really advertise on everywhere and anything haha

The food portion was REALLY BIG. We were so shocked when the dish came because we expected something much smaller, like what you see in Singapore hehe

In the end we had to takeaway the food! Lols

Food Stop #6 - Lotte World

Lotte World is a theme park in Korea!
This drink was free ^^

Yummy pizza dinner <3 Love pizza!

Food Stop #7 - Gyeongbokgyung Palace Restaurant

This was the only restaurant we saw between the metro and the palace, so we had our brunch there~ The food was good :)

Seaweed bibimbap, it was awesome! 
You must be thinking "Huh just eat seaweed and rice ah, lidat full meh?"
YES. After mixing everything together the dish tasted heavenly and the best thing is its really healthy! No wonder so many Koreans can maintain their figure...

Food Stop #8 - Samgyeopsal a.k.a Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ is a MUST-TRY when you're in Korea. 
Never try means you never go Korea before. So people who're going to Korea, must try ah!

This was the first Korean BBQ we had!

Anyway, kimchi is served in every single restaurant you go to, and is almost together with every dish you order. Its a tad spicy for those who can't take spice but once you start eating, you can't stop! Its really yummy :)

Where? Somewhere along the streets of Hongdae, I forgot the shop name oops haha

We had our 2nd Korean BBQ meal on at 1AM in the morning (yes no need to rub your eyes, we had dinner at midnight) and I swear I nearly cried. Not because I was too hungry (lols) but because it was just too good!!! 

Look at the juicy meat!!! We ordered just pork because farren can't eat beef, and the meat was so tender and juicy T.T I'm crying tears of happiness haha! It was the best pork I've ever eaten, cooked by ourselves.

By the way, you can also cook the kimchi on the grill, warm kimchi tastes great too! I prefer warm kimchi over the cold one :)

In Korea, you don't need to go to a restaurant to have good food, even a roadside stall can serve the most delicious food ever.

Food Stop #9 - Lotte Mart

Lotte Mart is just like NTUC/Cold Storage in Singapore,  or Jusco/Tesco in Malaysia! Its really big and  sells a wide variety of items from food items to clothes, electronics and so on.

This is my favourite brand of cup noodles second to Mi Goreng :) A bit spicy but super yummy! 
You can get these in Singapore too!

Food Stop #10 - Cafes

There are A LOT of cafes in Korea. Literally a lot. 

Walk down a street and you'll see rows and rows of cafes beside each other. Go to the next street and you'll see rows and rows of cafes again. Ain't kidding okay! We were there for 10 days, and I drank coffee for 10 days hahaha! Its just too irresistible and widely seen that you can't stop yourself from going into just anyone of them. 

Over the course of the trip, I had the most number of cups of frappuccino and latte I've ever had in my whole life - caffeine overdose, but nevertheless happy =p

Cafe #1 - Beans & Berries

Cafe #2 - Dunkin Donuts

Why SG no Dunkin Donuts...

Cafe #3 - Kona Beans
For all Yesung fans out there, SCREAM!!!

Cafe #4 - Hello Kitty Cafe
Oh. My. Goodness. HELLO KITTY!!! Being an ardent Hello Kitty fan, this cafe is undoubtedly the best out of all cafes I went to :) 

Whoa this one is super good. Its actually a simple dish - bread + whipped cream
But they somehow can make it so yummy and enticing.. 

Frapps are the best!!!

Cafe #5 - Charlie Brown
(Note: we have it here in SG too!)

We went to Charlie Brown inside the terminal before boarding the plane back home to Singapore!

Cheesecake! It was frozen when we got it, but it actually tasted quite nice hard too :)

Latte~ This is the comfort drink I'd always go for whenever I have a stomach upset. But you know what, according to scientific reports, caffeine is actually one of the causes for stomach upset. But well drinking it actually helps me so why not?

Cafe #6 - Starbucks
(Note: we have it here in SG too! Haha obviously =p)

Unlike in Singapore, all cafes in Korea provide free cup sleeves at the side counter! Maybe because they don't have so much kiasu people.. *guilty smile*

Cafe #7 - Tous Les Jours
For all Eunhyuk fans out there, SCREAM!!!!

Cafe #8 - Coffine Gurunaru
Don't you think the first word sounds like something else... But never mind the stuff is good and thats what matters :)

These cafes are just the tip of the iceberg. You have to go Korea to see for yourself what I mean by "many" :)

[ All photos taken with iPhone 4S, edited by Camera360 ]

With so much food eaten, I'm proud to say that I gained 2kg after the trip! Although I've been talking about dieting since sec 4 (HAHA 3 YEARS ALREADY AND STILL PROCRASTINATING), I'll really start to do something about my weight after starting uni! I'll try...

Next Up: Korea Trip: Part I - The Scenery

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