Sunday, July 28, 2013

SS5SG, the first ever 演唱会 I've ever been to.

I've been to musicals, operas, recitals and many more, but never a 演唱会! And for this first time, minyee, the hardcore kpop fan she is, bought the moshpit ticket (a.k.a the 2nd most expensive after VIP)

I remember my secondary school days I was still living under a rock, not knowing what "Sorry Sorry" (the song that propelled Super Junior to worldwide fame) was, what on earth kpop was, what people were doing with those weird dance moves (now I do it too). Fast forward few years later and I'm now an (almost) crazy kpop fan! 

Thanks minyee for shovelling me into the kpop world and making me spend a whopping $251 on a concert ticket...
Hahaha joking, it was TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Everything, from the entrance to the transition between performances, to the performances themselves, everything was just perfect.

Before the concert started

I was initially skeptical about paying to stand for 4 hours, but in the end everything was so so so so so worth it!! I got to see every member so up close and it was like "Am I dreaming?" lols forgive me for my fan-girling~

After the concert! Screamed till my voice was horse T.T

What I wore that day. Very pink, I know, I'm kinda obsessed with this colour so yeah...
OOTD - Top: SPAO | Shorts & Snapback: Korea | Backpack: The Outliers

Super Show 5, a concert I'd never forget.

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