Sunday, July 21, 2013

When its time to relax, relax.
If you've been tied down by work or school and find yourself almost out of breath, why not take a day off to embrace nature? Its really amazing how interacting with nature can enhance not only our physical health, but also help in mental restoration and stress reduction!

Well, I've relaxed for 7 months already (since the end of A Levels last December =p) hehe but I'm still gonna continue relaxing until I start my uni life in August! So I went to Jurong Bird Park with minyee last Saturday! It was awesome because I haven't been in touch with nature for awhile and being able to go up close with those birds was really fun :)

Finally had a haircut after so long!!! 

Having to go around with my shoulder length unkempt hair was a disaster, now I feel refreshed after chopping down that messy chunk! Because it has been quite awhile since I last dyed my hair, I now have a mixture of black and brown hair and the hairstylist said my hair looks like it was highlighted =p 

I love penguins! Especially the way they walk; its so bubbly and adorable *squeals*

*act demure*

Birds birds birds everywhere, even on the trees!

Love how they walk together in a line <3

All pink!

I love this picture! They look so cute sticking their butts next to each other =p

I've taken time off to relax, have you? :)

[ All photos taken with iPhone 4S, edited by Camera360 ]

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