Korea Trip: Part II - The Scenery

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Hello! I'm back with the 2nd part of my Korea travel diary! 

This post will be touching on the scenery and other interesting spots in Korea :)


Haha I'm sure every time you visit a new place you'd be enthralled by every single thing you see over there right? Thats what happened to me when I arrived in Korea; the streets, the flowers, the people, everything was so different and new to me!

The flowers in Korea are really captivating! I see all sorts of flowers everywhere which you can't find in Singapore; they probably exist due to the different climatic conditions?

If only I could wake up to this every morning~

Where? Near Incheon Airport Oceanside Hotel (exit the hotel, turn right, walk straight and you'll see the sea already!)
# 128-17, Deokgyo-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon, South Korea. 400-410
More info on the hotel: http://www.oceanside.co.kr/en/index.html

It was actually my first time seeing a sea at low tide!! People were catching mudskippers and stuff, as you can see from the photo above. 


I just snapped a picture outside a house. The buildings in Korea are really nice, especially the shop houses you see in those shopping streets! Rows and rows of beautiful shop houses with a spacious road in the middle. You can never see this in Singapore because we have no space to do it T.T

Where? Ui-dong, Dobong-gu & Gangbuk-gu, Seoul-si 
More info: http://www.visitkorea.or.kr/ena/SI/SI_EN_3_1_1_1.jsp?cid=312935

Contrary to popular traditions, we camwhored all the way up in stead of trekking =p

Farren~ Wah model ah you!

I'm camera shy~

Like real, I'm a self confessed 自恋狂 hehe

I really love this kind of scenery!! Perfect for photo shoots!

Anyway, we chose the shortest track route (2.1km) but ended up NOT completing it. HAHA! 
Its not because we're lazy bums okay! I CAN EXPLAIN!
1. The roads were just too tedious and steep for us to walk through
2. The weather was very hot (health > determination HAH), couldn't afford risking a sunburn
3. We weren't in proper trekking gear (I was wearing leather pants, inner cotton padded errrrr)
4. The sun was setting (imagine being stranded in the mountains when the sun has set.. Omg)

That explains why we reluctantly gave up on completing the full course...


We took the KTX (South Korea's high-speed rail system, something like bullet train) from Seoul to Busan on one of the days! 
Fyi, Seoul is right on top of South Korea, and Busan is right below South Korea.

The two-way ticket cost us 107,000 won (~SGD $120.90); pretty expensive but its traveling anyway, you cant expect to save when you're traveling..

Something we found interesting was that they didn't check our tickets at all from the start till the end. What if someone sneaks in without a ticket? Hmm...

After a smooth 2 hour ride, we finally arrived in Busan!

The streets in this particular area of Busan reminds me of Chinatown; don't you think the yellow umbrellas bear an uncanny resemblance to the ones we have in Singapore?

The sea port at Busan. There were lots of JELLYFISHES!! Super cute, how I wish I could bring one home T.T

How to take the KTX:
1. Go to Seoul Station (its one of the stations in Seoul, eg. Serangoon MRT in Singapore)
2. Line up and purchase the tickets
3. Done!

Do buy at least one day in advance in case they get sold out!
More info about the KTX: http://info.korail.com/2007/eng/eng_index.jsp

Where? 35-18, Yongdusan-gil, Jung-gu, Busan 
More info: http://www.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/SI/SI_EN_3_1_1_1.jsp?cid=1475231

Great place for exercising and breathing in fresh air, but definitely not for you if you're a lazy bum (like me, but I still went anyway hehe)!

One thing about Korea is that there are lots of stairs but you can virtually see no lifts around. Be glad that you can even find escalators in the metro station because almost everywhere is stairs, stairs and stairs. I exercised more than I did in the past 6 months in this 10 day trip =p

We saw quite a number of elderly playing traditional instruments, singing along to the tunes and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Interesting sight!

The Busan Tower we didn't manage to go because there was no time :/

Where? 22, Sajik-ro 9-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul 

We bought the combination ticket for all 4 palaces + Jongmyo Shrine at just 5,000 won (~SGD $5.70) which was really cheap! 

It would have cost us 10,000 won if we had purchased the regular ticket, but because we were foreigners and teenagers (I'm still 18 okay, my birthday's not over yet!), we were able to get the ticket at such a good price. 

Do remember to bring your passport along though, some places require your passport for identification purposes.

These people were having a photo shoot and i snapped a picture before they stopped us from taking pictures, i wonder what they were shooting for..

The royal guard changing ceremony 

Greenery and more greenery... I want my future wedding to be close to nature :)

Alright thats about it, thanks for reading~ 
Hope you guys know more about Korea now, although what I've touched on is just a tinny weeny bit!

Next Up: Korea Trip: Part III - The Entertainment

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