Doing my Hair in Korea: Lucy Hair

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

I finally got my hair done in Korea!

After some googling, I decided to pay Lucy Hair a visit! It's situated at a convenient location; just a few minutes' walk from Sinchon subway station. When I arrived at the salon, I asked about the price for cut + dye before proceeding with anything.

By the way, the hairstylists in the salon can converse in English, so don't worry if you can't speak Korean! There weren't much people in the salon at that time so I was able to get my hair did immediately without any prior appointment.

The hairstylist first asked me what kind of hairstyle and colour I wanted, so I just told him I wanted purplish/reddish brown + I wanna grow long hair + look younger hahaha! In the end I chose a reddish brown shade!

1. Dye
2. Wash and conditioning
3. Blow dry, cut
4. Style

The whole process took around 2 hours to complete and I was so comfortable in the salon that I kept dozing off when the hairstylist was washing and cutting my hair oops!



After my hair was did! The hairstylist instructed me not to wash my hair for 2 days and guess what, I had Samgyupsal (Korean BBQ) for dinner that very night... But nobody asked me about my BBQ hair over the next 2 days so I guess it was alright... =p

The hairstylist only trimmed my hair because I told him I intended to grow out my hair. But he really did a great job in framing my face and my hair feels so much lighter and neater now!

1. Sinchon Station Exit 1 (one stop from Ewha Women's University station)
2. You'll see Natuur's Cafe when you walk out of the exit; turn right and walk straight till you reach the intersection (T world building).
3. Lucy Hair is on the 2nd floor!


Price: ₩120,000 for mid length dye and cut

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