Theme Parks and Zoos in Korea: Everland, Seoul Zoo

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Hello guys! I'm here in Korea for summer school at Hanyang University and since I arrived before classes started, I spent the past few days traveling! If you wanna see my travelogue for Day 1-3, here it is :) I'll still be traveling around for the rest of the month of course, so do look out for more posts and videos to come!

DAY 1 | 27/6/14
I spent the first day getting lost (lol) and familiarising myself with my school, dorm and the area around it! For this trip, I took the Singapore Airlines!

Arrived at Incheon International Airport after around 6 hours and spent another 1h+ in the cab to Hanyang University where I checked in to my dorm!


A dinner set that costs ₩10,000. Just nice for 2 people!

I love kimbap oh my gosh, I've been eating it EVERYDAY (either for breakfast, lunch or dinner) since I came here haha. It's a cheap alternative for regular set meals and you CAN become full from eating it (hmm i don't know for guys but I got pretty full after eating it).

I eat this kimbap almost everyday! It costs ₩1200

Another kimbap I found; ₩2000

I've been drinking this banana milk everyday as well, its so yummy that I find myself buying it every time I walk into the convenience store haha! Costs ₩1300 each I think, but you can get it in cartons of 4 or 6 at supermarkets for less than ₩5000. Actually you can also find this milk in Singapore, just that it's only sold in Korean marts I think!

DAY 2 | 28/6/14 Everland 에버랜드
Everland's a MUST-GO if you're in Korea. I find the T-express the best attraction within Everland and you will regret if you don't give it a try!

Here's a video of the ride if you're curious to know how it feels like to be on there!

Thats the T-express! Daebak (Y) It's not just a theme park, its a mini zoo as well! There're so many adorable animals inside <3

This made my day!! How can it be so cute oh my gosh I took a video of it too, watch it here:

Purchasing the tickets
If you're a foreigner, be sure to print the discount coupon from Everland's website and present it at the ticket office for a ₩9000 discount! It looks like this:

1. Gangnam Station Exit 6 or 7
2. Walk past Dunkin Donuts and cross the road to the bus stop which is in the middle of the road
3. Take bus 5002 to the Everland stop (around 8 stops, ~40 minutes) They don't write "Everland" on the route map but the following characters 에버랜드, which means Everland! There'll be a lot of people alighting at the same time so you can probably just follow the crowd haha, if you're not sure don't be afraid to ask!
4. Take the free shuttle bus into Everland. You can see the shuttle bus stop from where you alight! 

More info on Everland here!

After leaving Everland with our groggy heads (from all the rides haha) and churning stomachs, we had chimek (chicken + beer) at Chicken in the Kitchen along the streets of Gangnam! Well, what else can I say about it? Look at the photos yourself... I'm feeling hungry again aiyo

Chicken Salad, ₩18,000

Roast Chicken, ₩18,000

The servings are humongous and the 4 (the rest of them are guys somemore) of us were so full by the time we finally finished everything!!! Remember not to order too much when you're in Korea because a lot of food come in huge servings!

DAY 3 | 29/6/14 Seoul Grand Park
The Rose Garden and Seoul Zoo are within Seoul Grand Park; there are other stuff inside like theme parks and trekking places too! We went to the Rose Garden first!

We spent around 2 hours in the Rose Garden before heading to the zoo!

Haha the pigs =p


Time for Seoul Zoo!

That's one BIG turtle...

Giraffe's my bff's favourite animal and I always get reminded about her when I see giraffes! Minyee are you touched? Hehe

Purchasing the tickets
A combined ticket to the Seoul Zoo and Rose Garden (It's shown as "Thema Park" on the price board) costs ₩4000 (~S$4.90).

1. Seoul Grand Park station (Subway Line 4) Exit 2
2. Just keep walking straight and you'll see a huge building
3. If you want to walk, turn right and keep walking up the hill to go to the zoo/rose garden (they're just opposite each other). It takes around 10 minutes. If you're lazy to walk, you can purchase tickets for the Elephant Tram or Cable Car!

More info
Seoul Zoo in Seoul Grand Park 서울대공원 어린이동물원
Rose Garden of Seoul Grand Park 서울대공원 장미원

That's about it for Day 1-3! I actually had orientation in school yesterday and a city tour right after that, but I'll blog and vlog about it later! Till then~

And don't forget to check out the first vlog I've made over here in Korea!

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