Random Blends 2015

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

About The Mini-ons of Manhattan is a light-hearted and engaging spoof using humour to critique and poke fun of the commonly-used tropes found in Hollywood movies, specifically in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The tongue-in-cheek language and drawing, alongside the less-than-serious script, are the fundamental building blocks of the sequential art piece, and the piece is meant to entertain, according to its creators (Jeremy, Joshua and I!).

 Well, this interactive sequential art project (its a web comic) was done last semester for one of my CNM modules. I still remember the countless hours my group members and I spent on brainstorming, script-writing, illustrating, putting everything together before The Mini-ons of Manhattan came to fruition.NM3228 Interactive Sequential Art has been a really fulfilling experience because without it, I wouldn't have known about the wonders of Adobe! 

Collating everything into Adobe Dreamweaver, in particular, was a dreadful chore because I had absolutely no prior experience in this software before taking the module. But I'm glad everything worked out fine in the end! I must say that taking

So NUS students, if you are interested in digital art, comics, scripting your own stories and illustrating them, NM3228 would be a good choice! I think the workload is quite okay, with 1 assignment every 2 weeks, and 1 final project nearing the end of the semester (The Mini-ons of Manhattan was my final project; it was group work for my semester).

 However, you might need to spend a considerable amount of time on this module as all your art content has to be created from scratch. The module took A LOT of my time, because everything takes very long when you're a beginner =p But trust me, everything will be worth it when you see all the babies (haha) you have created throughout the semester :)

Anyway, my group members and I are really happy that The Mini-ons of Manhattan has been chosen to be exhibited at Random Blends 2015!! Do drop by the exhibition at ArtScience Museum between 4-6 April to support us and the other students! That's the only way you can view and interact (yes, it is interactive) with our full web comic anyway haha!

I promise it'll be fun (because well, you can play around with the works) 😜

Here's the official publicity poster from Random Blend's website; it has all the info you need!

Hope to see you there!!

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