Framed Print from Visual Troop

Monday, November 24, 2014

The art work I bought from Visual Troop arrived a couple of days ago and I'm so excited to share it with all of you!

I bought a framed print and it came safely in registered mail, protected by a cardboard box and bubble-wrapping.

And... here it is! "Bring Forth The Night" by Corine Tiah, a really talented artist and friend of mine :)

I've been wanting to decorate my room with framed prints because there're so many inspirational room-decorating ideas online, and now I have one framed print to start with!

Looking forward to collecting more framed prints to kick-start my room-decorating process hahahaha I wonder when that will happen though me being such an awesome procrastinator...

Anyway, here are some of Corine's wonderful art pieces:

A photo posted by Corine Tiah (@corinetiah_art) on

And... This was the design I fell in love at first sight!

Happy purchase, a happy girl!

Check out Visual Troop at for more wonderful art pieces :)

And for more of Corine, check out her Instagram pages: 
Personal account: @corinetiah
Art account: @corinetiah_art

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