Coffee Tasting at Starbucks

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Did some coffee tasting at Starbucks the other day for lw's sis who works there~ Thanks for inviting me!! Although I have a sweet tooth and is accustomed to buying the same few types of coffee (either latte, macchiato or frappuccino), I'm glad I stepped out of my comfort zone to try something different! But after the tasting session, I have to be honest that I will still stick to my sweet drinks hehehe all because of my sweet tooth oops! 

By the way I drank so much until I couldn't even fall asleep that night!! Omg

Cookie for food-pairing purposes

For the coffee tasting, we were given an unnamed coffee to drink and were told to comment on its aroma, acidity, body and flavour.

What exactly do they mean? 

According to Starbuck's website:
Aroma - The first hint of how your coffee will taste
Acidity - A lively, tangy, palate-cleansing property, ranging from low to high
Body - Weight or thickness of the beverage on your tongue, ranging from light to full
Flavour - What does the flavour of the coffee remind you of?

So there we go, the tasting starts!

We kinda got the hang of it so we decided to test out another type of coffee!

Here's the no-longer-photogenic New York Cheese Cake hahaha =p It was cut up for us for the food-pairing segment!

Feel to invite me again if you need a coffee taster wor =p It was a fun experience!! Kekeke  

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