Dinner at Nihon Mura

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Had dinner at Nihon Mura Express the other day with lw! It's my first time in a while eating here and I totally forgot that it's the same as 日本村 (the restaurant's name in Mandarin). Oops! =p

Once you're seated, you can just take any food you want from the conveyer belt. You may also view the full menu on the tablet (every table has one) and place your order. Each plate costs $1.60++!

The green tea costs $1.60++ for 2 packets! If only it was free flow like Sushi Express though =p

The service was VERY efficient! After placing our order, we tried to kill time by taking some photos but the service crew came to us with our food in no time. I wanted to take more photos de T.T HAHA

Fried salmon skin. Lw wanted to order this and I was judging her because who eats salmon SKIN?! Raw salmon is nice. Cooked salmon is nice. But why you wanna go and eat the salmon SKIN only?! But hor, it actually turned out to be quite yummy lah hahaha!!

Gimme my food gimme my food please???


A full Yokez is a happy Yokez! =p

I would say that Nihon Mura is similar in concept to Sushi Express. Comparing the two, Nihon Mura has much more variety as compared to Sushi Express. However, Sushi Express is cheaper ($1.50 per plate) and further more their green tea is free flow. Even though Sushi Express pales in variety as compared to Nihon Mura, it does have food that Nihon Mura doesn't, for instance that huuuuge scallop that I always look forward to!

The legendary scallop at Sushi Express

All in all, I would go for Nihon Mura if I'm craving for more variety, and Sushi Express if I have a particular food that I'm craving for, or if I wanna save more money (can save 10 cents more for each plate at Sushi Express haha). Both restaurants are affordable though! Whats your take?

Nihon Mura Express @ The Cathay
Address: 2 Handy Road, #B1-04 The Cathay
Telephone: 6732 8197
Opening Hours: Mon - Sun: 11:30–22:00

Website: https://www.facebook.com/nihonmura

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