Graffiti and a Tree

Friday, April 24, 2015

Today's photos were taken in front of a graffiti wall as well as on a tree, which explains the title. Lol I always come up with lame titles for my blog posts oops!

"Hello hello? Who's there?" Omg why am I becoming more and more lame nowadays

I have been adding lots of sleeveless crop tops to my wardrobe these days, and most of them are from The OOTD at SCAPE! This shop stocks many designs that I like and there are a couple of racks with clothes retailing at only $10 each, therefore I find myself going back for more every now and then!

Fun fact: I have a beer belly (eat too much liao hahaha) so even if I wear a crop top, I MUST pair it with a high waisted bottom. If not I'll have to suck in my stomach for the whole time =p

I was honestly not trying to act cool; I was wiping the perspiration off my face hahaha.

Moving on to the tree photos...

I have SO MANY overdue posts omg, but I gotta study for my finals as well so do be patient yeah! Alright, till the next post~ Annyeong! <3

Skirt: Bugis Street

Photos taken by lw, edited by me.

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