The Stage @ Jerichos: Summertime Sessions

Monday, April 27, 2015

Performed for [The Stage @ Jericho's: Summertime Sessions] last Friday! Thanks The Stage @ Jericho's for having me :)

What is The Stage @ Jericho's? Watch the video below to find out more:

This is actually my second time being involved in an event that they organised! Last year, I was part of their Music Mentorship Programme which featured experienced professionals from the music industry, such as Nathan Hartono, The Summer State, Jerry Ng and Vanessa Faith.

My performance clips from last year:

It was a really enriching experience for me and I strongly suggest anyone who has a passion for performing to check out The Stage @ Jericho's!

Anyway for this year's performance, I did a photoshoot beforehand for publicity purposes. Thank you Gloria for coordinating everything, and thanks Kay for taking so many pretty photos for me!

And... The actual day!

My loyal manager on the right and personal assistant on the left! HAHA or should I say "forced" labour =p

Waiting for soundcheck~~ 

Thanks girls for coming to support me! Muacks muacks!

Thanks Wei Shan for inviting me to perform!! <3

Here are some of the songs I performed at The Stage @ Jerichos:

And... Here's a practice session in my room! Hehe
Till next time, The Stage @ Jericho's! :)

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