How Did The Viral Song Unbelievable Get Viral?

Monday, April 20, 2015

If you're living in Singapore, you would have heard about the unbelievable song (pun intended) that hit Singapore by storm! Unbelievable, produced for comedy sitcom "Spouse for House 2", became a massive hit after being released online.

The MV features veteran actor Chen Tianwen, and was intentionally shot in a way that is old-fashioned. Guess what, it totally worked!

My first reaction when I saw the video? I didn't laugh. I just opened my mouth in shock. Then I laughed. It's been so long since I watched something that can make me so stunned like vegetable. No idea what I'm talking about? Watch the original MV below.

After watching the video, are you stunned like vegetable? Hahaha

Here are the lyrics:
Un-un-un-un-unbelievable that’s what you are
Come be my coffee table and I’ll be your sofa

Un-un-un-un-unbelievable so near yet so far
Please be the metal cable to my cable car

You blossom like a flower
I so stunned like vegetable
My girl you are

Why did the song go viral?

In my opinion, there are several factors that led to the success of the song. Oh my goodness I suddenly feel like I'm writing a GP essay. Okay back to the topic...

Firstly, there is repetition in the lyrics. The song begins with a bang with it's repetition of the syllable "un" in the word "unbelievable". The re-re-re-re-repetition has a brainwashing effect on the viewers and they're hooked within the first few seconds. Note that Psy's Gangnam Style, which was such a massive hit, has the same number of repetitions in its song - "op-op-op-op-oppa gangnam style". Cool right!!!

Second, the lyrics are so Singaporean. There is Singlish incorporated into the lyrics - "I so stunned like vegetable", instead of "I'm so stunned like a vegetable". They are also ridiculous, but make perfect sense at the same time.

Some more you can get to learn 4 pickup lines within the 2.5-minute song!!

1. "Un-un-un-un-unbelievable, that's what you are."
2. "Come be my coffee table and I'll be your sofa."
3. "Please be the metal cable to my cable car."
4. "You blossom like a flower, I so stunned like vegetable."

Such a good deal!

Furthermore, there is cohesiveness between the song and the music video. The song follows the theme of a typical Hokkien ditty, and the music video is shot and edited accordingly to that very theme. The karaoke-like lyrics is a major bonus.

Of course, the MV wouldn't have been a success without good acting from the MV lead! Chen Tianwen totally nailed it! HE NAILED IT. If the video was in a lower resolution, it'll be quite believable that this song was created 10 years ago hahaha

Omg this screenshot somehow reminds me of the song《我问天》from the 787-episode drama《爱》, which was broadcasted in Channel 8 a couple of years ago!! People kept singing that song then too =p

To everyone who was involved in the making of this song, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I've been so stressed up by my final projects and it's been a long time since I've had a good laugh!

Anyway, I heard that a lot of couples have been requesting to have this song played at their weddings. I haven't got such a request so far, but if I ever get one, here's how I'll sing it! It's not gonna be funny la haha my style is demure one, 我走斯文路线! Omg did I just say that? OKAY BYE

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