Eat, play, sing!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Yesterday was a whole lot of fun!! Had lunch at Ice Edge Cafe at Kovan with my girls before heading to SAFRA Tampines for bowling, and then karaoke at Pasir Ris :) I've never had such a fulfilling day in a long time... I'm always lazing around on my bed, you see =p 

"You dare to steal my food?!"

"Nah just kidding~ I'm always happy to share!"

"Actually no, I'm only gonna let you look at it~ The whole dish is MINE!"

Pistachio Ice Cream Waffle $10 

The waffle is the "soft" kind, kind of like a sponge cake? I'm fine with both crispy and soft waffles actually :) The whipped cream is also not the disgusting kind (i.e. the one on cakes), which is awesome!!

Bought caramel milk tea because I had bubble tea craving again! But the shop only allowed us to choose between 50% and 100% for the sugar level (I usually choose 25% or 30%), so I had to go with 50%, which was indeed too sweet for me... But never mind at least I still had my bubble tea hehehe

And... I went bowling for the FIRST TIME IN MY WHOLE LIFE today!! Had so many embarrassing moments oh my :/ Being a newbie, I was really blur and didn't know what to do the whole time; I even slipped and fell argh T.T It was really fun though!! :) 

The last activity for the day was a 2-hour karaoke session at Party World KTV! Shouted so much in the room oh my goodness haven't sang so crazily in a while...

Although it has been awhile since the start of my summer holidays, I'm only starting to feel more relaxed now. I have no idea why, but I haven't been able to truly relax even though it's a legit 3-months holiday... My mind is just so cluttered nowadays and I don't even know why! I wonder when I'll be fully immersed in holiday mood...

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