Lunch at Nakhon Kitchen

Saturday, May 30, 2015

It's been a million years since I had Thai food!!

I remember the last time I had Thai food, it was at Vivocity's Thai Express with lw. I can still remember it because I did something really embarrassing that day. Lw and I ordered tom yum soup and when it arrived, I saw that the soup was transparent and began bombarding lw with a myriad of questions:

"Eh why the soup transparent de??"
"Tom yum got lidat one meh I thought is orange one?"
"It'll be spicy meh???"

And then... I drank a spoonful of the soup.


So embarrassing omg, I never knew tom yum soup could come in other colours other than orange T.T You should never judge a book by its cover hehehe!!

Tom ka soup (with coconut milk) $6

I was afraid the tom ka soup will be super spicy because I saw those scary chili floating on top!! But it turned out not as spicy as I thought! Probably because there's coconut milk added (which I've never tried before).

Therefore, it has been proven yet again not to judge a book by its cover!! THAT TRANSPARENT TOM YUM SOUP I HAD AT THAI EXPRESS LOOKED SO HARMLESS YET I NEARLY CRIED OVER IT. Oops sorry for the rant wahaha

Stir-fried Kang Kong Thai Style $6

I really love Kang Kong!!! Whenever there's Kang Kong in a menu, I'll wanna order it ^^ This dish isn't as spicy as I thought, it's just nice for my palate yay!! Oh by the way my threshold with spicy food is quite low haha =p

I always feel very scared when I see those big big chili!! I'll try my best to remove all the chili pieces before starting to eat =p And that's because I've accidentally eaten them several times. On all these occasions, what comes next?

A numb tongue, watery eyes, gulping of water and incessant whining. Hahahaha!!

Deep Fried Pork with Garlic $6

We were so satisfied and full after the meal, yum yum! ^^

Nakhon Kitchen @Bedok
Address: 136 Bedok North Ave 3
Tel: 6245 5548


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