500 Subscribers Lemon Challenge!!!

Friday, June 05, 2015

Hello guys!! I hit 500 subscribers on my YouTube channel recently and I decided to film a lemon challenge to celebrate this small milestone! LEMONS ARE THE BEST!!! But... Drinking 2 lemons without mixing them with water or whatsoever... Watch the video to know my reaction to it hahaha!

But anyway... By the time I uploaded the video, I had 800+ subs already (I set 888 subs as my next milestone in the video) =p Hahaha so am I supposed to do another challenge when I hit 888 subs?!

Anyway thank you so much for your support! I'll continue uploading song covers and random videos etc, love ya!!

Here you go!

Oh yes about the honey lemon regime I mentioned in the video - when I filmed this video a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to drink lemon honey every single day but due to my laziness I ended up drinking it every other day =p Will try my best to drink every single day!! Will update you guys if it really works in clearing up my acne :)

Here's my recipe anyway if you're interested! It's super duper easy!!!

You Will Need:
1/2 or 1 lemon (up to you!)
1 table spoon of organic honey
Warm water

Simply mix everything together and drink up! 

I like to drink this first thing in the morning to perk myself up for a full day ahead :) Whenever I feel like I'm getting sick, I'll faster make this drink and drink it. It seems to really work in keeping viruses at bay!

Once again, thank you for subscribing to my channel! If you haven't subscribed, DO IT NOW! Hehehehe

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