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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

This coming August, I'll be in year 3 in NUS. Since year 1, I have been told about the importance of going for internships to prepare us for the working industry in future. Some of my friends already embarked on internships in their first year. My brother even told me that one of his friends went for a total of EIGHT internships throughout his university life!

Nope not kidding

Meanwhile... I haven't applied for any internship. 

During my summer break in year 1, I attended summer school in Korea. The next long holiday was in December but I was busy with my IHG training (cuz I was the captain so cannot pon any training oh well HAHA) and other personal commitments. This coming summer (i.e. year 2 summer), I'll be attending another summer school in Hong Kong. Seems like I really love studying hor? Hahaha! If possible, I would like to take up an internship this December or next summer!

If you remember my previous post on why you should get a part time job, I mentioned about Stroff, a Singapore jobs portal! This jobs portal not only has job listings, but extensive information on part-time jobs and internships in Singapore as well. This is super useful for blur people like me who know nuts about writing resumes and going for job interviews =p

The navigation bar is divided neatly into "students" and "employers", and hovering your mouse over the "Singapore Internship" tab will provide you with a list of information regarding internships in Singapore.

I really like their use of infographics in presenting information. All the information are summarised nicely for easy digestion, accompanied by cute graphics (say yes to cute stuff!) and the font-size is huge (idk but it feels more friendly to me)!!

Cute right!!!

Even if I'm not looking for an internship, I can just read it for general knowledge =p

For those who need help writing resumes (like me), has information regarding writing cover letters, resumes, preparing for your internship interviews etc.!

I know that's not the main point but I really like the cartoons hahaha
Hopefully the tips provided at will be able to help me get my first ever internship in the near future!!

If you're looking for an internships and are intending to type in Internship Singapore in your search bar, why not try in the address bar instead? :)

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