Sunsilk Pop-Up Salon 2015

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Went for the Sunsilk Pop-Up Salon last week!! It was a day where I could just leave my house with bed hair, head to the pop-up salon and let the hairstylist do all the magic for me =p

Oh by the way for those who don't know how my hair looks like normally, here's a photo of me munching on bread the previous day hahaha =p

And... Here's how I look after the styling (and photo editing HAHA)! I opted for curls because I always fail at curling my hair using my straightener lolol much frustration

I have a thing for curls nowadays and especially after growing out my hair, I find it fun to have more styling options!

Minyee had her hair braided at the event! 好漂亮 <3

Skirt: Bugis Street
Jacket: Minyee's 
Necklace: Talisman's @Bugis

My curls kinda loosened out throughout the day though, which made the look even more natural!

Me munching on my all-time-fav Oreo Mcflurry before I braced myself for my dreaded wisdom tooth extraction the next day. 

Yup as I'm typing this, I've already had my wisdom tooth extracted. To summarise how I felt during the extraction, it was TRAUMATISING. 

Shall update you guys with a DETAILED post after I've recovered :)

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