Bleached my Hair for the first time! @Number 76 Singapore

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bleached my hair for the first time today!! I have been following a hairstylist called Amy since a few months ago because she always post photos of pretty ombre hair <3 

Like this~

A photo posted by Number76 AMY (@76amy) on

Or this~

A photo posted by Number76 AMY (@76amy) on

Or this!

A photo posted by Number76 AMY (@76amy) on

I never thought of getting ombre hair myself actually, I just like looking at chio stuff hahaha!

And when I heard that the salon she is from, Number 76, is setting up a branch in Singapore, of cuz I must book appointment right!! Kekeke

I have been wanting to get do something different to my hair for a long time but haven't been able to do so because erm.. No money HAHA

But recently I have been getting more gig opportunities, meaning a higher disposable income =p Can finally afford to go salon and make my hair chio liao hehehe

Speaking of which here's a compilation of a few of my gigs over the past few months!

Okay back to the hair!!

So here I am, trying to prove that I'm studying wahaha =p 

If you are trying to read what's in the iPad and find it super chim, you're probably right because it's a reading from this General Education module called "Darwin and Evolution" which I don't understand either. There's so much content to remember and the content is super random!! Like Darwin's voyages, his travel partners, what he discovered, his travel partners' discoveries, and so on. So it's basically a module about his life and the people around him hehe. 

The content is so random that I don't even know how I can go about studying for the test T.T It's not like A Levels history where you can just memorise essays and regurgitate them during exams (which got me an A, hehehe). This module... you confirm die if you don't go for lectures (unless you get someone to record the lecture for you, but no matter what, you have to listen to the lecture), the powerpoint slides don't even tell you anything, they are all photos haha!! But I WILL TRY MY BEST T.T

Omg how on earth did I rant so much?!

Anyway this is the free bring-home treatment (to use once every week, for 4 weeks) I'm given after I did their ultrasonic treatment! It's quite cool cuz their treatment process includes this hair straightener thingy which is not hot at all (Amy even told me to touch the iron haha)! After applying the treatment, using this iron can apparently make the treatment penetrate quickly into your hair.

You can watch this video to see the treatment process:

Yup that was what I went through just now. Quite cool ley hehe!

Tada~~ See the purple inside? I told Amy that I wanted purple in my hair but didn't know what look I should go for. She suggested that I dye purple inside and natural brown outside, cuz it'll look better that way for straight hair~ 听高手的话肯定不会错!

And I'm happy with the outcome! I was getting so tired of my unkempt hair previously >< FINALLY GOT RID OF IT!! *claps*

And... Here are some close-ups if you're interested~

So bleaching is what you need to do to get hair colour like this... No wonder no matter how much I dye myself also like no diff one zzz

The purple part can be seen more easily when I tie my hair~

When my hair is let down, the purple part is not so obvious. 

Everybody look to their left!

Everybody look to their right! Can you feel that yeah, we're paying with love tonight~ Okay stop stop stop. HAHA

Thanks minyee for helping me take those photos!

Thanks Number 76 for giving me chio hair! Hehe anyway they are having a 25% discount promo for new members, so do consider this salon if you're looking for something new! And remember to book your appointment online first because their hairstylists are very popular!!

Number 76 @Orchard Gateway
277, Orchard Road, #02-23 Orchard Gateway 238858

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