My 21st Birthday Party

Friday, February 05, 2016

Hello all!! I'M FINALLY 21!!! Hahaha can't believe I've been on Earth for 21 years already!!

Update: My goodness I'm only posting this in Feb 2016 when my birthday party was in September 2015... Kept it as a draft and totally forgot about it =p But better late than never? Kekeke

If you look carefully at my phone in the photo, I was using snapchat... HAHA snapchat addict here

Anyway in this post I shall share with you what I did for the logistics stuff, including:
- booking of venue
- catering
- homemade dessert table
- guest book
- event photography
- party decorations

If you're intending to hold a party too, hopefully this post might help!


I totally didn't consider booking a hotel room for my party because it's so expensive!!! Okay lah I admit that I'm quite niao one, I rather buy iPad or something that I can use for many years than book a room for 1 night oops

So anyway I booked my condo's function room, which costed just $10!!! The function room's quite big, enough to accommodate the 40+ people crowd I invited. Some more the function room's just below my house so if I needed anything extra I can just go home and take kekeke


I didn't feel like ordering the normal catering (those bee hoon, fried rice a few course de) cuz everytime cannot finish de waste food!! And some more there's minimum pax so it's kinda difficult for me to "under-order". So... I opted for tea-party style food instead!

I ordered pastries and desserts from Delifrance~ You can order as little or as much you want, except that for orders under $250 there will be a $35 delivery charge. I wanted free delivery so I order until $258 hahaha

I quite sad leh didn't manage to try most of the food cuz I was busy taking photos and talking to my guests!! I took so long to choose the food lor based on what I like THEN IN THE END NO TIME EAT!!! Hahaha okay nvm I also like taking photos and talking so its okay ^^

Anyway I guess I ordered the appropriate amount of food because at the end there were just a bit of leftover (oh but there's also this homemade dessert table which I'll tell y'all later)~



When you have talented friends, of course must show the whole world their talents right!!! Hahaha Jing Rong bakes really well so I got her to be in charge of my dessert table! Of course the dessert table would not have been possible without the entire baking team - Jeslyn, Li Wen, Min Yee and Shu Yi!

I got Shu Yi to make my favourite almond jelly as well, it's always been a tradition for her to almond jelly when I visit her house so I got her to do it again for my birthday kekeke 谢谢你!



For my party decorations, thanks Jia Wen for helping me make my birthday banner!!! <3 I really quite nua about this party, if you never help me make the banner I think I'll push until the very last minute kekeke

And the balloon deco is done by Chinbee and Sherman!! So nice hehehe if you need balloon decorations etc. for your event, do visit their Facebook page or website for more information!



The awesome guest book is done by my talented friend Shu Yi!!! She always score super well for art since I knew her in secondary school and her birthday cards all those super creative de lo!

Thanks Sherman for taking photos during the party! Here's Sherman's Facebook page if you're interested in engaging photographer!

And yup, that was my 21st! Probably the last birthday party I'll hold omg it's so mafan... HAHA

ღ With love, Yokez ღ
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