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Sunday, March 06, 2016

I still find it quite unbelievable as I'm typing this... Un-un-un-un-unbelieveable, that's what you are~

Anyway look at this from 8 months ago, oh my... HAHA

I actually got first runner-up (2nd place) for SAFRA The Ultimate Voice 2016 solo category!! What?!?!?! How can that be?!?!?!?  *pinches myself to check if I'm dreaming*

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It's really unbelievable, because we were down to 16 finalists and everybody did a great job! We started from online auditions, to 107 shortlisted contestants in the quarter finals, to 43 contestants in the semi finals, then down to 16 in the grand finals. And out of this 16 people, there's will obviously only be one champion, one 1st runner up and one 2nd runner up. I where got so heng can win something?! So you can imagine how much I screamed when my contestant number and my name was announced HAHA our whole group was screaming together oops

And what's even happier is that my THreshold seniors Gary, Javin and En Qi, who joined the group category as a band EMERGED CHAMPIONS!!! 双喜临门!!

Follow them:
The Tripsters (their band)

Check out their covers on YouTube!

Also check out Javin and mine HAHAHA
This cover was done in May 2015 oh my I looked so much younger then.... NOOOOO T.T

And this cover was done in Dec 2014 wow it's been 2 years... What's wrong with my fashion sense omg


Forever wearing the same clothes hahah =p You would have realised if you've followed me on Instagram long enough...

With The Tripsters a.k.a my THreshold seniors Gary, Javin, En Qi~ They've already graduated from NUS but decided to form a band again to make music! 

Went to eat bingsu while waiting for results~~

Photo credits to SAFRA

Group photo for those who got into the grand finals~~ I was super happy to have gotten into the finals because I actually joined SAFRA TUV 2015 (last year) but only managed to get into semis! 

Me one year ago...

This year I 打不死的蟑螂 go try again and really got in yay!!

Here's what I performed for semi finals! 《当你》by Cyndi Wang, one of my favourite songs~


It's a MUST to camwhore when you have makeup and glam clothes on. Kekeke if you see me in school (NUS) I don't think you'll recognise me because I'm super extreme one =p 

My school attire = T-shirt + shorts (sometimes I even wear those sports shorts lol) + slippers + tie hair + wear specs

Super kuazhang one hahaha cuz I stay in hall so the school is like my "home", after class just go back hall le ma! Dress up also waste time and effort kekeke

My OOTD for the competition~

Hair by Number 76
Top from The OOTD @Scape
Skirt from Bugis Street
Shoes from Charles and Keith

Photo credits to SAFRA

Photo credits to SAFRA

Photo credits to SAFRA

Photo credits to SAFRA

Photo credits to SAFRA

Keke a bit funny holding my contestant number =p Thanks for coming Jiaqing~ 

校园 superstar Leonard!! I know him longer than he has known me HAHA cuz I watched Campus Superstar last time =p Does it sound creepy hmm... Anyway glad to have met you in this competition! But hor he's 1 year younger than me omg I feel like there are more and more younger people than me nowadays!! Obviously la cuz I'm getting older but I still cannot accept this fact omg sobs

Xiexie my TH peeps for coming! #temasekunite ^^ SJ trying to act like she won... HAHA looks legit though

Thanks girls (and Wilson) for coming!!! ^^ But it's worth it for y'all lor CUZ I TREATED SOME OF YOU GUYS AFTER THAT =p


HAHAHA really looks legit leh

抛媚眼 at each other HAHA, my lovely cousin~~

This girl forever wear black, zhen shi de!!! But nvm I can't complain cuz I also forever buying pink stuff =p

My performance for the Grand Finals:

Made so many mistakes SOBSSSSS, and the funny thing is after I sang finish the first chorus I accidentally SIGHED INTO THE MIC!!! Hahaha now thinking of it... It kinda suits the "emo" theme HAHA =p And all the details that I had taken note of when practicing never do properly during the competition haix, I was just so nervous >< Keep rushing some more omg irritating!!! And got break voice at the back nuuuuuu

Okay it's over stop harping on it hahaha

Oh by the way if you're wondering why my arms so much drama (i.e. move so much) when I'm performing, I think it's because I used to be the student conductor in my secondary school band days haha!! Instead of conducting a band (which I totally cmi at) now I'm conducting "myself"  =p

Yup so thanks everyone for your support!! I'll keep working hard!! 

But first I needa bank in my money cuz when money is in my hands I cnfm spend finish very fast de omg (not like I won't spend money when I have no cash, I still got debit card to swipe lolol). I already used about $100 for treating some of my loyal supporters (kekeke) yesterday and today, and just now I wanted to buy slippers but in the end I went to buy the Havaianas slippers which costs $42.90?!?!?! The most expensive slippers I've ever bought omg, I told myself I must use it for 42 years since its $42 =p But then I was thinking the Kate Spade I bought isit must use for 470 years HAHAHA okay bye

ღ With love, Yokez ღ
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