The Questions About Music Tag!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

It's been awhile since I did a questions tag! So here I go!! This time it's about what I'm most passionate about - music :)

Q1. How did u get started into music?
Q2. Who are your inspirations?
Q3. How do u compose your music & where do you normally do it?
Q4. Are you doing music as a hobby or professionally?
Q5. What are the struggles you have as a musician?
Q6. How do you get your music out to the world?
Q7. Do you gig often? Q8. Which was your most favorite gig & why?
Q9. What are your future plans?
Q10. Any advise to musicians on how to start, etc.

Thanks for inviting me to do this interview! Check them out at :)

ღ With love, Yokez ღ
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