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Friday, September 15, 2017

I recently started streaming on beLive, a live streaming mobile app! If you haven't already followed me, do remember to download the app on your phone and follow me @ YokezOfficial! I will be streaming there pretty regularly, about 1-2 times a week! 

During my live stream, I am able to see all your messages and chat with you personally :) Come attend my live stream if you want my attention, HAHA

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Talking about live streaming, I was so excited when I received the latest Sound Blaster K3 from Creative! I have always been using my USB mic to record songs even though I already own a XLR microphone (which is of a better quality), because I had no audio interface to connect it to my computer! 

Image from Creative website

Getting the K3 means that I can finally record using my XLR mic :) When I found out that the K3 could also be connected to my PHONE, it's like a dream come true!! Do you know what this means?! It means that I can stream LIVE from my phone with studio quality sound!! Omg omg omg omg

Here are some features of the K3, as seen from Creative's website:
Image from Creative website

Here's an instavideo of me being all suaku when I found out I could add background music to my stream lolol

And here's a video of me testing out the K3!

For those who make music, a downside of Sound Blaster K3 is that there is no multi-track recording. For example, if you input 2 microphones and 1 guitar, everything recorded will come out in a single track. You won't be able to edit each tracks individually - everything has to be set on the mixer itself. So I guess the Sound Blaster K3 is more for live performance where you don't want to do any post-editing. The levels (e.g. reverb, gain) can be adjusted from the mixer accordingly throughout the process of recording!

Another downside is that the K3 utilises a Chinese layout, meaning that the labels of knobs and buttons are in Chinese. If you can't really read Mandarin, you might have a hard time figuring out what is the function of each knob or button. BUT ALL IS NOT LOST because the manuals and supporting documents are available in English :) I have also attached the English translation below for your convenience!

Image from Creative website

I have been using the K3 to do song covers on YouTube and it is working pretty well for me! My current setup is really simple - one microphone. Yup, that's all! It'll definitely sound better and clearer if I connect my guitar to the K3 (there is a guitar input), but I have yet to purchase a DI box - time to save up...

"Look What You Made Me Do" - Taylor Swift


I would say that Sound Blaster K3 is PERFECT for those who do live streaming. This product is seriously made for you guys (or us, because I just joined the world of live streaming hahah). It's pretty good for live performances too!

Creative Sound Blaster K3 currently retails at S$199. 
Enter code "YOKEZ20" at checkout for $20 off!

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The Sound Blaster K3 was sent to me by Creative for review.

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