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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

I'm personally not a fan of headsets due to past bad experiences.

But its probably because I was quite a cheapskate and bought those cheap ones wahahha and they ended up being so uncomfortable!! Comfort is key because I edit videos and music for long hours.

To take good care of my ears, I usually play out the audio via my speakers. It's unhealthy to blast music directly to your eyes for long hours okay!! However, using earpieces/headphones is inevitable when I'm editing music. I need good headphones to listen to and edit out any nitty gritty details (not like my music editing is good but I'm still learning!!). Most importantly, I must feel comfortable wearing them because they'll be staying on my ears for hours at a time.

I received the Aurvana Live!2 headset from Creative a couple of weeks ago and was immediately attracted by the chio design! The headset comes in 2 colours - black and red. I personally prefer the red one because I'm more girly hehe (although I'm very 粗鲁 in real life)~

Look at how feminine I look after wearing it. Act one hahaha

Trying to act 一个 tumblr-ish - thanks Zerlene meimei for helping me take all the photos =p

Sound-wise I think the bass is quite apparent and might be a bit overwhelming when it gets to "clubbing" music hahaha - it's like you are really in the club with all the boom boom boom music~ But I guess everybody has different preferences and it might be suitable for some of you!

The headset is lightweight and enforced with a metal alloy headband for added durability.

The flat-fold earcups makes audio-monitoring easier, which is important for those who edit stuff. The package also comes with a soft microfibre travel pouch so you can bring out your headset with ease!

The Aurvana Live!2 is an award winning design for 2014 Red Dot Award for Product Design by the way! Sounds good and looks good!

Happy that I (finally) have a comfy headset to accompany me for my hours of music and video editing! Thanks Creative :)

The Aurvana Live!2 retails at S$169.00.

Get yours HERE!

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The Aurvana Live!2 was sent to me by Creative for review.

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