Facebook LIVE with Sure Boh Singapore

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

In August, Felicia and I did an NDP Medley covering some of our favourite National Day songs.

A few days later, our video got shared by Sure Boh Singapore! We were so happy that our video got more attention after that, and even more so when their team approached us for a Facebook live collaboration!

And yup, we did our first Facebook live with them yesterday, complete with sound equipment from Creative, Audio-Technica, and a (really) funny host Qing Hong, and of course the back stage team!

We talked about our music journey during the live show, including how Felicia and I got to know each other through a competition, how we started doing covers together, and some of the problems we face as freelancers.

The live show was divided into 4 parts (around 15 minute each) - the last one got cut off because the phone went out of battery (uh oh), so we did a 5th one hehehe

Watch all the clips:


Creative Labs for providing the Sound Blaster K3, Audio-Technica for providing the Mic, Qing Hong for hosting the show, the team from Sure Boh Singapore and MVR Cinematics for having us, and of course my dearest Felicia for bringing out the sampat-ness in me LOL

If you were wondering what sound equipment we were using in the live stream, it's the Sound Blaster K3, a mixer which is suitable for live streaming!

Creative Sound Blaster K3 currently retails at S$199. 
Enter code "YOKEZ20" at checkout for $20 off!
Get yours HERE!

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