Lunch at Ma Maison

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

It's been awhile since I ate snails... I mean escargot! Hahaha

Had lunch at Ma Maison the other day with Zerlene! Ordered a few sides because we weren't very hungry; it turned out to be the correct choice because those sides were enough to fill our bellies~


Baked Escargots with Garlic Butter ($10.80)

I really love escargots!! I used to think they were disgusting. Snails, SNAILS?! Why would someone eat snails?! But I later realised they weren't the same as the snails we saw in the garden hahaha! I mustered the courage to try an escargot one day, and the rest is history.

Camembert Cheese Fritter ($9.80)

I was kinda full by the time I came to this dish so I ate just one.. I should have ate them at the beginning because the whole fritter is filled with cheese and can be quite filling!

That orange thing in a cup you see at the bottom left is the Onion Gratin Soup ($6.30). The top part is baked cheese, followed by bread and soup below. Tastes really refreshing and they go well together! This soup is my favourite out of all the dishes! 

Garlic Bread

The garlic bread comes in 2 pieces - just nice for Zerlene and I! I dipped it into the Onion Gratin Soup and I think the combination is pretty good :)

Ma Maison Singapore
Address: 200 Victoria street #02-51 Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021

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