Royal Bird's Nest at People's Park Centre

Friday, September 29, 2017

It's been awhile since I had bird's nest cuz I'm a starving musician (hahaha inside joke) and as a musician, I am always spending money on music stuff. And maybe clothes and food... and maybe cosmetics and skincare products too... Okay I should stop giving excuses hahaha

I was invited to try out some bird's nest at Royal Bird's Nest, located at Chinatown People's Park Centre (very convenient). Other than purchasing bird's nest, you can also order and eat freshly brewed bird's nest at the shop directly! They also don't really burn a hole in your pockets because each bowl costs $12, which is cheaper than bingsu HAHA

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Here's what I tried:
1️⃣ Bird's Nest Soup with Rock Sugar 冰糖燕窝
2️⃣ Bird's Nest Soup with Ginseng 泡参燕窝 
3️⃣ Bird's Nest Soup with Osmanthus and Aloe Vera 桂花芦荟燕窝

Bird's Nest Soup with Rock Sugar

We were first treated to the Bird's Nest Soup with Rock Sugar (冰糖燕窝). This is the concentrated version ($68) which can serve 2-3 persons. There are also red dates and ginkgo nuts inside~ Every scoop is full of bird's nest!! You can watch the following video if you don't believe hehe! 

The shop also sells a one-person serving at $12 - you can eat it at the shop itself (great as appetiser or dessert hehe)!

Bird's Nest Soup with Rock Sugar (top), Bird's Nest Soup with Osmanthus and Aloe Vera (bottom left), Bird's Nest Soup with Ginseng (bottom right)
By the way the top bowl is half gone cuz we ate some before taking the photo oops =p

The Bird's Nest Soup with Ginseng (泡参燕窝) has wolf berry inside and has a herbal taste (obviously HAHA) - it's my favourite among the 3 bird's nest I tried. The Bird's Nest Soup with Osmanthus and Aloe Vera (桂花芦荟燕窝) has a refreshing taste which I recommend for those who need a break from oily food and a perk-me-up. I also like that they added aloe vera to the soup!

Good news for everyone!! 🙌 
You can now enjoy freshly brewed bird's nest to your doorstep!! 

At $68 nett, you enjoy:

1️⃣ 1 pot of approx. 10g of bird's nest, which is
2️⃣ Enough for 2-3 persons
3️⃣ Lasts 5-6 days in refrigeration
4️⃣ FREE delivery to your place
5️⃣ Get to keep the pretty porcelain pot that comes with it

Pretty porcelain pot which you can keep if you order home delivery :)

So chio and looks nostalgic hehe

Preorder 1 day in advance from 6223 9593 or find out more from :)

华燕阁 Royal Bird's Nest
101 Upper Cross Street, 
People's Park Center #02-66
058357 Singapore

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I was kindly invited by Royal Bird's Nest for a food tasting session.

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