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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

I have always wanted to try out eyebrow embroidery because it would save me the hassle of having to draw my brows before heading out every single day! Imagine having nice brows everyday and being able to say "I woke up like this"? My wish came true two weeks ago when I visited Chrysalis The Brow Haven™ for an eyebrow embroidery session :)

What is eyebrow embroidery?

Eyebrow embroidery is a form of semi-permanent makeup - it works by adding in colour pigments into the outer layer of your skin. This can last for up to 2 years depending on your skin type. Simply put, it is like tattooing your brows except that the tattoo will only last for 2 years. This is less risky because trends change and you might want to change the look of your brows next time, and eyebrow embroidery allows you to do that!

About The Brow Haven™ – The Semi-Permanent Makeup Expert

"Chrysalis Eyebrow is equipped with the latest technology and the best workmanship to provide you with the most gorgeous eyebrow to suit your facial features. We create that Identity, Confidence and Impression that every woman and man should deserve. Chrysalis sees it as a privilege to be in a position to assist woman and man everywhere to achieve this desirable results."

The following are the types of eyebrow embroidery services available at Chrysalis Spa:
1. Eyebrow Embroidery
The end-product will look like drawn eyebrows - the whole brow will be filled up with colours and will be outlined.

2. Creative Eyebrow Embroidery

This technique is done via strokes. It gives a natural look to your eyebrows with a 3-dimensional tone.

3. Brow Resurrection

This technique involves fine line strokes layered in the direction of your natural hair growth to blend into your eyebrows, making them look like real hair as much as possible.

4. Angelic Misty Embroidery

This technique is favoured by the younger generation due to its straighter and thick design. With a similar effect with applying brow powder, this embroidery accentuates the contours of the eye and creates a youthful outlook.

5. Signature Revive Embroidery

This is a combination of the brow resurrection technique and angelic misty embroidery. The technique involves individually drawn strokes that mimic the natural direction and colour of your brow, and also a graduated colour to fill in the eyebrows. On top of that, this embroidery technique promotes eyebrow growth!

If you are confused by the different types of services above, fret not because during the consultation, the brow specialist will recommend the most suitable brow according to your face shape and features.


Step 1: Brows are trimmed and shaped

The brow specialist will first trim and shape a suitable brow for you. This is done after she analyses your face shape and features. The technique chosen for my brows is the Signature Revive Embroidery.

Look at the huge difference!! My left brows are drawn and my right brows are undrawn. You can see how lazy I am in maintaining my brows from my right brows HAHA

After the brow specialist has drawn your brows, you may let the her know if you would like any adjustments to be made and she will make the necessary changes.

Perfecting the brow shape...

Random selfie hahaha

Step 2: Numbing cream is applied on your brows

The brow specialist will apply numbing cream to your brows. The numbing takes about 20 minutes to take effect, after which you won't feel any pain during the treatment!

Pretending to sleep when in fact I was taking a selfie HAHA


3. Colour is applied on the brows

The brow specialist then mixes a few colours according to what is most suitable for you. The pigment is then applied on your brows. 

My brow specialist, Rui Hong, assured me that the colour pigments used are totally safe, of a high-quality and will not turn into an ugly colour next time!

4. Embroidery in progress

Rui Hong began using the blade (brand new) to embroider my brows. The whole procedure was totally painless due to the numbing cream. No need to be scared at all! I could even take selfies and videos on my own hahaha =p

5. Embroidery is complete!

Here's the end-product! The whole session including consultation and numbing took about 2 hours. 

A closeup look of my embroidered brows - they look really defined!

For after-care, Rui Hong gave me a gel to apply on my brows for about 5 days to aid in the recovery process. 

She also advised me not to use any makeup remover or skincare products on the brows because they might contain ingredients that will whiten the brows, which defeats the purpose of doing an eyebrow embroidery!

My brows look quite dark here immediately after the embroidery session. However, the colour will fade by 20-50% within a week as the skin heals. 

There will be a touchup session after 1 month for the brow specialist to make any necessary adjustments.

My brows after 2 weeks:

Will update my blog again after my touchup session! Till then :)

Quote < Yokez > at Chrysalis The Brow Haven™ – The Semi-Permanent Makeup Expert to enjoy Creative Eyebrow Embroidery at S$388 (UP: S$1378.16)!

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Visit their outlets:
Ang Mo Kio Hub (AMK MRT)
AMK Hub #03-26, 53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 Singapore 569933
Tel: 6481 9270 
Operating hours: 11am - 9pm (Mon-Fri), 10am - 7pm (Sat, Sun and PH)

Jurong Point (Boon Lay MRT)
Jurong Point, #01-23 JP2, 63 Jurong West Central 3 Singapore 648331
Tel: 63169178
Operating hours: 11am - 9pm (Mon-Fri), 10am - 7pm (Sat, Sun and PH)

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The eyebrow embroidery session was kindly sponsored by Chrysalis Spa.

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