Review: Za Bye2 – Shine Base UV, Trick Lip, Dual-End Eyebrow

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

I received all these goodies from Za-Cosmetics, Anessa, Senka, Tsubaki and Ma Cherie a couple of weeks ago! The products include cosmetics, makeup remover, hair wash and hair care!

Thank you for the love <3

I have been using some of the products over the last couple of weeks and for today's blog post, I'll be reviewing the products from Za-Cosmetics!


The Bye2 Shine Base UV is a primer to prep your skin before you put on other makeup. 

It has SPF 25 PA+++ and blocks shine-causing sebum and sweat, which is suitable for me because my T-Zone tends to get oily. 

What's even better is that this primer is dermatologist-tested and non-comodogenic
which makes it suitable for sensitive skin!

The Bye2 Shine Base UV has a liquid consistency as seen above. It feels light, velvety and is not greasy at all!  I found it much easier to apply foundation after using this primer.


I have been wearing Trick Lip out over the past few weeks and they are very moisturising! But I do notice that the colours get stained on the straw when I drink.. Perhaps not so stain-proof, but the colours do stay on for long hours.

Trick Lip consists of 4 sets of colours:
1. Black + Magenta
2. White + Pink
3. Yellow + Red
4. Light Pink + Purple

If you are wondering what on earth is BLACK doing here, don't worry.

The black colour doesn't really come out as black. The colours I mentioned before the + (i.e. black, white, yellow, light pink) I mentioned are colour-changeable - they change colour according to the moisture of the lips.

I think its pretty cool you can mix and match the colours based on your mood - time to get those creative juices flowing!

Here's how my lips look with Trick Lip in Red! I dabbed on a bit of Yellow for a glossy effect.

And here's Trick Lip in Purple! 

My lips really became purple when I first applied it and I was like errrr.... but a few seconds later it changed into a more "normal" pinkish tone hahaha!! So cool that it changes colour according to my lip moisture!

Hehehe having fun with Zerlene during a shoot few weeks ago =p


The Za Dual-End Eyebrow is Vitamin E formulated, smudge-proof, waterproof and sebum proof. 

Here's me a couple of weeks ago, doing an MV shoot with Music Walker SG! The makeup lasted me the whole day, from morning till night!

The Za Dual-End Eyebrow comes in 3 colours - Natural Gray, Natural Brown and Cocoa Brown. I'm not sure which colours suits me because shortly after I received the products, I went for eyebrow embroidery (will be blogging about it soon) and don't need to draw my brows anymore =p 

However, one good thing is that the Za Dual-End Eyebrow has 2 tips - a sword-shaped pencil and a powder tip! I use the powder tip for contouring my nose, and it has worked well so far! Glad that I'm not wasting the products~

If you would like to find out more about the products mentioned above, I have included the links below. Hopefully they will work well for you too!

Za Bye2 – Shine Base UV:
Za Trick Lip:
Za Dual-End Eyebrow:

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