Hair Colouring Experience at AOYAMA Hair Studio

Sunday, November 26, 2017

It has been about a year since I bleached my hair and I decided to take the plunge again! This time round, I opted for something for familiar and safe for myself - shades of purple and pink!

AOYAMA Hair Studio is a newly opened hair salon under KC Group of Companies, which comprises of other popular hair salons like Apgujeong Hair Studio and Myeongdong Hair Studio. There is currently one outlet in Singapore at Clementi Mall.

When I visited the salon, I was showed to my seat and served tea and Oreo (yay love Oreos hehe). I was then greeted by the director, award winning Yuichi Soga! I show him a few photos I found online and told him to do whatever he want as long as the colours purple or pink were used =p

Just being weird as usual while being bored...

My hair was bleached twice (previously brown) before the colours were applied.

I told the director that I didn't want to look too dramatic, so he dyed the outer layer brown and dyed the inner parts with shades of pink and purple.

Here's how my hair turned out!

Here's the director, Yuichi Soga, who took charge of my hair~ The team was also involved and everyone were very friendly~ The whole process took about 4.5 hours - they also gave me more Oreos and made milo for me to keep my stomach from grumbling =p

Here's a video of my hair a few days later:


Here's the colour one week later! The colour has become more vibrant after a few washes.

A few more selfies~ This hair will look better when it's curled because the bright parts inside will show up more.

In case you were wondering about the prices, there is a price chart at AOYAMA Hair Studio's website. You can check it out to have a rough idea before you visit!

For those who don't know, I will be releasing my debut EP in April 2018! Prior to that, I will be releasing a few music videos, and the first one will be in January 2018. I dyed this colour two days before my MV shoot. 

Thank you AOYAMA Hair Studio for prepping my hair just in time for the shoot! :)

Do check them out at

AOYAMA @ The Clementi Mall
Address: ​3155 Commonwealth Ave West,
The Clementi Mall #05-34, Singapore 129588

Opening Hours: 10.30am - 9.30pm Daily

Contact: +65 6909 2539 | +65 8468 7128

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This session was kindly sponsored by AOYAMA Hair Studio.

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