Summing up 2017

Sunday, December 31, 2017

In the blink of an eye, 2017 is coming to an end. This year has been a really fulfilling one for me. 

Firstly, I managed to graduate from university HAHA!! 

It's a huge achievement given that I started doing gigs while in university. To be honest, it was a bit difficult for me to cope, given that I also had to commit to hall activities. But all is well! Yours truly still managed to graduate with an Honours in FASS Communications and New Media :)

 Given another chance, I would still join all those activities because without them, I would have missed out on so much goodness in life. 

Life is not just about studying yeah!

4 years in hall... 4 years of precious memories. So hard to say goodbye :(

After graduation, I went overseas and had so much fun in Taiwan, Japan and Korea! 

Upon returning, I started preparing for my debut EP with the team from Jairus Studios. 

Then in November, I won my first songwriting competition! I wrote a motivational song called《期待》, which means "Looking Forward" in English. Super happy that the judges liked my song :)

A few weeks later winning the competition, I officially joined Touch Music Publishing as a songwriter. 

I forgot to mention that I joined XQRJ (now called The Dream Composition) early this year! It is a songwriting composition organized by King Edward VII Hall from NUS, and is open to all students from Singapore and Malaysia. I got into the grand finals but didn't win anything, but after the competition ended, the publishing house (which signed winners from the competition) got me to send them my demos. That's how I got signed recently! I'm really thankful that even though I didn't win, I still got this opportunity :)

When I was young, I would look at musicians at live music venues and weddings and think “Will I get the chance to be up there one day?”. Fast forward to 2017, I am thankful to have received many opportunities! 

Thinking about it, it has been over 5 years since my first cover on YouTube! 

*cringe* hahahaha

Btw fun fact: I learnt the guitar SO THAT I can post covers on YouTube (cuz it’s difficult to get a nice angle when I’m playing the piano and singing). Lame right? But I’m glad I was so lame then =p 

Over the years I saved up and bought myself better equipment for making music. I bought everything using the money I saved from doing gigs, slowly and surely. Logic Pro X, condenser and dynamic microphones, music stand, acoustic guitar, mic stand, cables, USB mic, etc... So many small stuff that add up to a lot~ It's a miracle given that I'm a spendthrift =p

I started off with a refurbished iPad mini when I first started doing gigs. The screen is SO SMALL and bad for my eyes because I have to look at lyrics all night long. This Christmas, I decided to reward myself with a Christmas present! I bought myself an iPad Pro 10.5!! No more squinting my eyes at gigs :)

Other than upgrading my music equipment, I also tried to input more creativity in my videos~
Here's one of my more effort videos hahaha

I filmed this ON MY OWN (except the last scene where I got my sister to help).

Read more on how I did it HERE

I guess my hard work paid off because this cover got featured by a few Taiwanese media companies!

Another happy thing in 2017 is that I got to be on radio!! I used to listen to radio when I was young, little did I expect myself to be able to be a guest one day!!! Nothing is impossible, really.




Recently, I also filmed an MV for my first single《明白了》which will be released in January. Really happy to have Hazelle and Zi Jie on board as my male and female lead!! 

1. My debut EP will be released in April. There will be an EP launch too, so do keep a lookout!
2. I will also be holding a a public originals showcase in February, more details to be released soon!

I’m not sure where my music endeavours will take me, whether I should start looking for a “stable” day job. I am still shrouded by uncertainties, but I guess I’ll take one step at a time!

2018, LETS GO!

Psst! To all of you supporters, THANK YOU!
Here's a cover of Namewee's 《唯一的唯一的唯一》!
You guys are my "One & Only" <3

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