My first week of 2018

Monday, January 08, 2018

Hello all! How has your first week of 2018 been? Mine has been great thus far~ Had a fulfilling week performing for Apgujeong Hair Studio's grand opening at Lot One Shopper's Mall, filming a new video (so excited about it!!), attending Jay Chou's concert and doing my first wedding gig of the year!

Congratulations on your opening and thanks for having Zerlene and I as your live band!

More about Y&Z

On Thursday and Friday I filmed something very exciting!!
Can't wait to reveal it to you guys :) Meanwhile, here's a sneak preview =p

Acting cute as usual...

And then... On Saturday I went to Jay Chou's concert!! It's my first time watching his concert~

And finally on Sunday, I did my first wedding gig of the year~ Always thankful to couples who choose me to sing on such an important day of theirs!

Oh yes, thanks SheWolf for sharing my cover of Namewee's "One & Only" :) 

If you haven't watched the cover, here it is!

And... Here's my latest cover! An impromptu Jay Chou medley I did a day before his concert :)

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