Yokez 叶玉棂《 明白了 UNDERSTOOD 》幕後花絮 Behind-The-Scenes

Thursday, February 22, 2018

The behind-the-scenes video for my debut single 《 明白了 UNDERSTOOD 》has been uploaded on my channel! Here you go:

Thanks Timothy for filming and producing this BTS video :)

Download/Stream《 明白了 UNDERSTOOD 》:
🎧 KKBox: http://bit.ly/2E1FxI0 🎧 Spotify: http://bit.ly/yokezMBL 🎧 iTunes (Apple Music): https://apple.co/2EDo2eb


Photo Credits: Ryan Leau

This song and its MV would not have been possible without the following people:

MUSIC 製作人 Producers : 王寿伟 Jairus Wong 、 陈洁依 Jaye Tan 配唱製作 Vocals Production : Jairus Studio 、叶玉棂 Yokez 電吉他 Electric Guitar : 杨征宇 Isaac Yong 、Zachary Khoo 邱承明 木吉他 Acoustic Guitar : 王伟良 Louis Wong 低音吉他 Bassist : 王真毅 Almo Wong 鼓 Drummer : 林刚毅 Lim GangYI 弦樂器編寫 Strings : 黄敬诒 Malcolm Wong 钢琴 Keyboardist : 丘淑惠 Sandy Khoo 和聲 Backup Vocals : 叶玉棂 Yokez 錄音室 Recording Studio : Jairus Studio 錄音師 Recording Engineer : 王寿伟 Jairus Wong 混音師 Mixing Engineer : 王寿伟 Jairus Wong MUSIC VIDEO 監製 Producer : 王寿伟 Jairus Wong 製片助理 Assistant Producer : 陈宇薇 Tan YuWei 導演 Director : 陈献扬 Isaac Tan 副導演 Assistant Director: 洪维聪 Ang Wei Cong 攝影師 Director of photography : 尤鸿奕 Clement You 攝影助理 Camera Assistant : 苏俐霞 Soh Li Xia 、曾嫣凌 Gina Chan 攝像助理 Grip : 廖康宇 Ryan Leau 特別演出 Starring : 张颖双 Hazelle Teo 、 饒梓杰 、吴训专 Kenneth Goh 、 陈慧恩 Candice Tan 剪輯 Editor : 陈献扬 Isaac Tan 調色 Colourist : 尤鸿奕 Clement You 字幕 Subtitling : 施俊豪 Daniel See 、刘显辉 Law Hsien Hwee 動畫 Animation : 施俊豪 Daniel See 化妆 Make-up : Cynthia Chung, Sarah Lee (Autelier Makeup) 場地提供 Location Sponsors : The Pipe District、Zerlene Cheng 髮廊贊助 Hair Sponsor for Yokez : Aoyama Hair Studio


Feeling really blessed for everything, be it purchasing my music, streaming it, watching my MV, supporting my crowdfunding campaign or just getting my music out there to others! Thank you all for your support :)

And yup, my crowdfunding campaign is still ongoing!
Please show your support here: http://kck.st/2sbArTR

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