Yokez 叶玉棂(1994年9月29日 - ),新加坡獨立創作歌手。7歲開始學鋼琴,從小對音樂有熱誠的她也時常在 YouTube 上傳翻唱視頻。2016年翻唱了四葉草的《好想你》,獲得熱烈迴響,上傳至今累計了超過30萬次點擊量!其他翻唱作品也曾在台灣各大媒體平台 - 台灣達人秀, VS Media Taiwan、即新聞等曝光。Yokez 從小愛聽中文流行歌曲,創作風格也自然受其影響。大多從生活中的瑣事尋找靈感。不論是好或壞的經歷,都轉化成創作的能量。 曾經參加多項作曲和歌唱的比賽,如新加坡詞曲版權協會與海蝶音樂聯合主辦的SG:SW2017 我寫我的歌、MM2 Entertainment的大型網絡華語歌唱比賽“聽見心聲音”、 “心情溶劑”歌唱比賽,及“我寫我唱我的歌2017”,后者她榮獲第一獎。近日被海蝶集團旗下大石音樂版權簽下,成為專屬作者。

Yokez is a versatile singer, keyboardist and songwriter who has melted the hearts of many with her sweet vocals. Her cover of Joyce Chu’s “I MiSS U” has garnered over 300 thousand views on YouTube, and her works have been featured by various media companies including VS Media, SheWolf and ET Today. Yokez has participated and received awards in several music competitions, including XQRJ, SG:SW 2017 and Hear Me Sing, and was recently crowned champion in the I Write and Sing My Song 2017 songwriting competition with her motivational pop tune "Looking Forward". Her compositions are heavily influenced by Mandarin pop and she usually writes songs based on her own experiences or of those around her. She has recently signed under Touch Music Publishing as an exclusive songwriter.

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